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‘Rosie will inspire any audience to do great things. To quote ‘Don’t look at the journey, look at the next step. Rosie is a next step. A must have speak at any Conference’

Rob Chaplin, BAE Systems Maritime

‘Rosie spoke at a seminar we had for fund managers, insurance companies and financial advisers in December 2013. Without exception everyone loved her talk. Rosie is extremely encouraging, motivating and unique. I had many unsolicited emails from delegates the following day and every email without exception included the word ‘inspirational’. I cannot recommend Rosie enough – she would inject energy and determination into the most apathetic and would be a great addition to any event. Unlike some motivational speakers, she is very ‘real’ and everyone warms to her, can relate to her and importantly can take something away from her. She is a Platforum favourite!’

Holly Mackay, Managing Director, The Platforum

‘Rosie inspired the 420 Unilever Global Leaders with her extraordinary story and great courage, sharing with us valuable life lessons drawn from her experiences, and many have risen to her challenge.’

Unilever Global Leaders Conference

‘It was definitely right to ask you to contribute last, because I don’t think that any of us, despite our best efforts, could possibly have followed you.’ 

Dr Kate Miller, University of Oxford

‘Rosie has been an inspiration to 900 delegates at our Conference.  Her honesty, good humour and endless positivity have been truly inspiring and has made this event a huge success.  I cannot praise Rosie enough – what an amazing woman!’

Richard Sheriff, Director, Red Kite Teaching School Alliance

‘Rosie Swale Pope served as an inspiration to us all’

Jane Burgiio, Secretary of State for New Jersey

‘Thank you so much for speaking. It ended the day exactly as I wanted it. My colleagues didn’t stop talking about you and your adventures all night and the continued again this morning. Your love of life and your never give up attitude was just perfect.’

Stuart Johnson, NAHT AGM

‘Rosie Swale-Pope’s epic ‘Little Run Around the World’, apart from being the longest unsupported run in world history, is undoubtedly one of the most astounding, inspiring and life-impacting feats of human endurance ever undertaken.’

Miles Hilton-Barber, Blind Adventurer

‘Somewhere between Jilly Cooper and Sir Randulph Fiennes.’

The Sunday Times

‘If anyone can do it, this woman can.’

Jonathan Gornall, The Times


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