"Thank you for the excellent speech you gave at Friday’s Infochange Conference at Stanstead. I left the day feeling refreshed and inspired; you truly are a remarkable individual, a real 8th Wonder of the World and I can wholeheartedly state that your speech was my personal highlight of the 2-day conference"

Matt Cross, Software Europe, Infochange User Conference


24th of February 2014 ICE DIP COMPLETED 21 Febr...

My icy dip on Friday- succeeded in raising £290 – exceeding its goal even though it was just such a very little challenge.    Can hardly believe that two weeks before to the day, I was having the knee  op.  I have been so brilliantly looked after and sponsored. Many thanks to everybody.  


19th of February 2014 Looking forward to icy di...

The plan is to do a small challenge immediately! – ie an icy dip in Llangors Lake at 1pm this Friday  21 February, to raise £100 for Brecon War Memorial Hospital and  £100 Naina’s Leg Fund  - I can’t run quite  yet, and want to do something. There is ALWAYS another way!  Grateful to physio Rory […]


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Rosie Swale Pope

Longest Unsupported Solo World Run

Global adventurer Rosie Swale Pope is recognised as one of the world’s most courageous, gutsy women of her generation.  She is the only person in history, man or woman, to have undertaken an epic solo, unsupported run around our world – over 20,000 miles facing extreme danger, bitter Siberian winters, wolves, axe men and desolate loneliness over nearly five years.  Her international best-selling book ‘Just a little Run Around the World, is Rosie’s understated, yet gripping account of the resilience of the human spirit to triumph over every adversity.  You can read about more of Rosie’s adventures here

Rosie is an exceptional storyteller and inspiring corporate speaker whose messages are full of the life enriching lessons we all need to hear in these challenging times.  Watch some of Rosie’s inspirational presentations in the film below.

Life is the Adventure: New Promo Film for 2014

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Setting off Yukon River in Alaska

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